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Submitting Articles, Book Reviews and Interviews to Lucid Dreaming Experience

Lucid Dreaming Experience is looking for interesting articles by lucid dreamers on their personal experiences, techniques, ideas and views on lucid dreaming. We are also interested in book reviews, interviews and other material that would be of interest to lucid dreamers.

To submit your personal article for possible publication, please send the material to Two weeks after submission, we will notify you of the possible publication of your article, as well as possible editing suggestions.

If your article is published, Lucid Dreaming Experience will send you a print copy of the LDE in which it is featured. Because the LDE is a volunteer effort, we offer no monetary rewards, only the satisfaction of seeing your work and ideas in print and knowing that you may have influenced the awareness of lucid dreamers.

If you have questions, please write us at Remember, to get the LDE by email or print, you must subscribe to the LDE. Thanks for your help!

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